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What will Christmas look like at your house this year?

It is so hard to believe that we are only weeks away from Christmas and the New Year!  For many of us the year coming to a close is a welcome site, unlike maybe in previous years.  Many that I talk with express being weary of all of the pandemic news and the uncertainty of what the future holds.  It is for that reason that I pose the question that I did.  "What will Christmas look like at your house this year?" For me, If there is one positive I can take away from all of this, it would be that it has made me see my home differently.  In years past, I was guilty of always being on the go and never really spending much quality time at home with my family or utilizing my home for what we all work so hard for it to be.  Our safe haven!  This year has helped me slow down and reassess how I use my home and whether it meets the needs of where I want to be in the future.  So it is with that in mind that I for the first time decided to cook a complete Thanksgiving meal in my home, instead of going to a relatives house for the day. I must admit, I surprised myself and my husband too!  We found that having a simple holiday at home gave us both a since of togetherness.  Not to mention that I felt very accomplished and realized that I do enjoy cooking.  It also made me realize that having a sizeable kitchen is very important to me.  Now that Christmas is here, I have taken the time to put out the few Christmas decorations that I hold dear and leave the rest packed to refrain from repeating years of having to decorate ever inch of the house and later regretting it.  I plan on have a simple Christmas meal and starting a new tradition of telling stories by the fire that night!  I hope that this season will allow you to take the time to enjoy your home for all the reasons you chose it and perhaps start your own new tradition.  After all, the memories we build with those we love are what will last!

Choosing Your Agent!

When it comes to buying or selling a home, it is a very personal journey and one that should be handled with the upmost care. We all know that the final goal is to find your special home at a good price or sell your current home for the highest dollar, but the journey is what you ultimately remember. That is why I suggest that before you make the decision as to which agent you will work with, be sure to vet them carefully. I am sure by now you are asking yourself, what characteristics should I be looking for? Many prospective clients gravitate to the company in their area that has the biggest presence or the agent that has the most sells. While that can be a good thing, I suggest that you should also consider whether your values align with them.  All agents are held to a high standard of ethical conduct, but vetting the agent's marketing strategy, problem solving, self motivation, and detailed oriented skills can make a huge impact on achieving the end goal.  Also, ensuring that you and your agent have complimentary communication habits and that you both are on the same page through the whole process will help to eliminate confusion or misunderstands throughout the process; thus also avoiding any delays.  In conclusion, the owner/agent agreement should be one that is viewed more as relationship than just a contractual agreement. After all, success in life should be measured by the relationships we manage to maintain throughout our lifetime not just the number of financial assets we obtain. 

I am eager to make your acquaintance!  Drop me a line today and let me know what I can do to assist you with your real estate needs today.


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